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Hello there! Today, I'm excited to present you with a close look at my personal website, the platform you're on right now. This blog and portfolio site serves as a digital representation of my skills, projects, and writings in the realm of web development.

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Technologies Used

Creating this website allowed me to dive deep into the JAMstack, and here are the key technologies I've utilized:

  • Eleventy: This simpler static site generator was instrumental in building the site. Eleventy helped me leverage the power of JavaScript to generate the blog and portfolio sections, bringing flexibility and simplicity to the process.
  • Handlebars: A minimalistic templating engine that facilitated creating reusable components, promoting DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principles across the site.
  • Netlify: I used Netlify for the continuous deployment and hosting of the site. Netlify's smooth integration with Git repositories significantly streamlined the deployment process.
  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap assisted in crafting a responsive and attractive layout, accelerating the development process without compromising on aesthetics.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript: As ever, these are the foundational building blocks of the site. HTML for structuring, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for functionality.
  • Git: For version control, Git was used extensively, enabling effective tracking of changes and efficient management of the codebase.

Key Features of My Personal Website

  • Blog: This is where I share my thoughts, knowledge, and experiences related to web development and technology. Each post is crafted with care and consideration to provide valuable insights to readers.
  • Portfolio: Here, you can see a showcase of my projects. Each one includes a brief description and links to live demos and GitHub repositories.
  • About Me: This section provides a glimpse into my journey as a developer, including my skills, interests, and the technologies I am familiar with.

The Development Journey

Building this personal website was an enriching journey. I had the chance to work intensively with the JAMstack, particularly with Eleventy and Netlify, reinforcing my front-end skills while exploring new areas like static site generation and continuous deployment.

The use of Git was vital in managing the project's codebase, making the development process more structured and efficient.

Wrapping Up

This personal website serves as more than just a portfolio or a blog—it is a testament to my ongoing journey as a developer. It captures my continuous learning, the refinement of my skills, and my dedication to my craft.

Feel free to explore and reach out if you have any feedback or opportunities. Until next time, happy coding!